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Why HCA?

During this year parents have experienced the changes that this pandemic has brought to education. Without proper means of instruction, students find themselves falling behind and this has been a growing concern we have heard from many parents. They do not know how to get their child back on track and fear that their children will be placed on lower levels, or worse, get lost in the system without the opportunity to academically progress. HCA has put together a plan for this upcoming school year that will focus on helping all students attain the standard of the grade level they are in. We will prepare an individual plan for each student that best supports their needs. Our goal is not to “ just have a student pass a grade.” We want them to learn! This is the priority and it will not be rushed. 

Pre/k- 3rd grade students will be taught with a lot of reinforcement. Our staff has been able to observe how structure and routine creates a strong foundation for reading, writing, and mathematical automaticity. Grades 4th through 8th will be evaluated so we can better assess what areas need guided instruction. We will then establish a plan for these students with monthly goals that will strengthen each area of content. Our goal is to have our students enter high school confident and ready to excel.

After we have accomplished this goal, HCA is committed to helping our students learn and apply practical skills that will lead them to succeed in their everyday life. 

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The staff at HCA has been a blessing in my family’s life. Sending our son to school feels like he is just going to his second home. We are very happy with the education, and most importantly, how they connect our kids to God. My son has been receiving his education with Mrs. Arce and the staff for 6 years, and we highly recommend it. Mrs. Arce it’s like a mother to those kids. The love she spreads is felt by all of them. In all our meetings, we can see the passion for the kids and for education.
I thank God that I attended this school.. The teachers were all so kind towards me. They helped in my academics, and also when I needed help with personal problems. They taught me things that I will treasure forever. They are incredible in all they do.
Having my daughter in this school gives me something money cannot buy. It gives me peace of mind. I trust the staff that have helped me tremendously with advice and have been there to see her grow. I will always be thankful with the staff and for the love they have shown.
I am full of gratitude for the teachers! My daughter has done so well in her years at the school. The teachers are strong in character, but so kind and loving. They also make themselves available to us.